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In early 2010 Laika asked me to do some test environments for ParaNorman.  This is what I painted . Unfortunately I didn't get the job.     IT's too bad because after seeing the movie i thought my paintings would have fit in pretty well.      

I'm assuming it's safe to post these Since the Bluray is out.   Great Movie by the way. I highly recommend it.

Cover Art

I painted a wraparound cover for Harpercollins last year for a book titled " A dog Called Homeless".
Book is available Sept 4th 2012.   

Final Wrap Around Cover
Some Roughs

been a while

I've been super busy working on a bunch of different commercials aswell as doing some visuals for a Walt disney Television animation project that I've been working on since last summer. Here's some Background designs/ paintings i did on a spot for PPL electric utilities for director Dan & Jason over at Hornet Inc.  You can view the final spot HERE.

click the dots under the image to scroll between the images.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!! 

I dont Update very often.... I've just been really busy over the last year on a few different projects and I look forward to being able to share some of it in the future ( when they are released ).   IN the mean time, I've uploaded set designs/ colour keys / pitch frames from some Uncle Ben's commercials that I've worked on in 2010 and earlier 2011 for Hornet Inc.      Click below Image or HERE to go to the uncle bens commercial section to see more

I hope everyone's having a good end of year 2011!


thumbnail section of an image I've been working on.  It's part of a story my wife and I came up with... Let's see if this goes anywhere...


Warm up

I've been really bad at posting up personnal work, Mostly because I'm busy with freelance or I'm out and About exploring/ enjoying my new surrounding.   These days , I'm dividing my work time between a Tv pilot creating early preproduction designs, a Book cover for a tween novel and random commercial pitches.

Anyways, Here's a warmup painting I did the other morning before starting the work day.  Just quickly playing around with basic shapes ( circles , squares and triangles) with texture.


Small Site update

I updated/reorganized my site a little.   Have a look around.  I added some work from Horton Hears a Who in the Feature film section that I dont think I've posted before. And a couple of images under the commercial section.   I'll be uploading more as I find things that should be safe to post

Above: Untitled Style Frame for a Nexus Production Commercial Pitch 2010

Chobani Yogurt Bgs

I've updated the commercial page with some BGs that i painted for Yves Geleyn's Snow Angels short movie. Click the image below and scroll down to the second post.

Wide furnace

Added a New image to The Furnace series.This one is more for ref than anything else. Just a wide shot showing an overall environment. Exploring Ideas. I started on this one sometime November 2010

And for those interested.  Here's a Step by Step progression. 



Chobani - Snow Angels

       I had the pleasure of working with director Yves Geleyn and Hornet inc on a short Holiday tale for Chobani yogurt called " Snow Angels".   I was responsible for bg Colours  and almost all the final bg paintings/bg designs.  I will post some bgs later on but for now click the image below to watch the tale!

Happy New Year!!

Happy Holidays

This was painted last year 2009 for a HoC / Redrover Christmas Card.

Space BG


Added some Space thumbnails/ quick space BGs for a commercial I helped pitch on earlier this year.

Click image above to see more.


I added a New section to this website ( look up top) Commercials.   These days I work on ALOT of commercials it makes sense to add this section.  I uploaded some Images from a Commercial Pitch I worked on in January 2010.   You can click the image below or click the commercial Button on the navigation bar up top.  Hope you like the work!

Artichoke Soup

:: Artichoke Soup ::
30x17 inches Printed on WaterColour Paper

A commission I finished a few days ago for a friend.

The Move.

On his way to a new house.....

Part of the Furnace Idea...

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